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About This Site


This website was initiated by Dr. Lindsay Phillips and is maintained by her and many volunteers. Please click on "contact" if you would like to volunteer to add content to this website to assist returning citizens and their loved ones. Also, please let us know if any of our resources are outdated and/or if our links to other websites no longer work. This website is maintained only through volunteerism and does not belong to any organization, and does not have any budget.


This website would not be possible if not for initial funding provided by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.


Thank you to the following individuals who have made significant contributions to the resources featured on this website:

Tiffanie Bair, Brandilyn Straw, Peggy Grubb

Romanies, Silvana Civetta, Michelle R. Billups,

TaWanda Hunter, Jennifer McIntyre, Marcia Warmkessel

Erin Williams, Tonya Reedy,

Taniva Hutchinson, Clifford Stamm, 

Marina Lima Dubbs, W. Birk Yelverton, 

Diana Oriol, Nicole S. Johnson

Anne M. Witman, Ellen K. Pillsbury

Gina Weitzel, Maggy Alexander-Michel

Brittany Prophet , Amanda Eckenrode, Penelope Griffin, 

Renee Raysor-Winstead

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