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For Returning Citizens


This page contains resources to help returning citizens in their reentry process (and can also be used by family members who are seeking resources for loved ones). Please click on contact us is you see a resource that is outdated or unavailable, and please let us know if you have found a helpful resource that we should add.



A helpful way to start finding resources is by searching the yellow pages or the internet so that you can seek resources that are near you.  Searching for the name of your county is often helpful. Your county might have social service websites (like a county drug and alcohol or mental health agency).


If you are looking for healthcare or mental health services and have insurance, you can also contact your insurance company for assistance.


If you are seeking assistance from a psychologist, you can find one in your area at this website:



If you are a veteran and are seeking any type of health care or mental health service, please visit:

State specific service lists for veterans are also available at:



General Resources for Individuals Reentering Society:


Home Boy Hotline (employment resources):


John Jay College Resource Guide:


National Reentry Resource Center:


Jobs for Felons (resources for employment and other facets of reentry):


List of Educational Institutions with Second Chance Pell Grants




State Resource Lists: (We are still developing state resource lists. If you would like to volunteer to create a resource list, please click on Contact)











































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